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TPRG's Founders Vision

TPRG LLC's Founder & Owner David Pellegrini has over 15 years of  sales and industry experience. What he has found is all the good companies he has worked for have gotten greedy. They end up ruining a good thing. They either cut commissions, or raise prices so much they aren't competitive, or they just don't value a great experience. Well, when he founded TPRG LLC he said, "enough with that!"

TPRG needs you to deliver a premium experience to our client partners. Answer the phone when they call, respond quickly to e-mails and texts, be your own boss! If you do this successfully, you can make some of the highest commissions out there. You can make almost as much as owning your own firm without the headaches, and day to day. You can just focus on finding new client partners and recruiting great candidates. What is better than that!?

Dave's vision is a company that doesn't do what all the other companies do or have done. His vision is to have happy and successful professionals that deliver a great experience and never want to leave TPRG! He believes if we execute this vision, our client partners will never want to leave either.

His vision is charging great rates to our client partners and paying industry leading commissions for great work. We incentivize our client partners to use us more. Create long term relationships, and DON'T GET GREEDY. Do the right things, be respectful, be courteous, and deliver a premium experience. The rest will fall into place, and you will create a lifelong pipeline to sustain greatness.


Apply below to get started

TPRG believes a great culture starts at the top. We believe when people are paid industry leading rates and have flexibility in their lives, team members are happier, and produce better results.

TPRG is always interested in speaking with hard working Recruiters and Business Development Professionals. We pay some of the highest rates in the industry because we want great talent.

If you are interested in a rewarding position at TPRG contact us today.

Our Diversity Pledge

TPRG LLC believes all people deserve respect. We do NOT discriminate. We do not reject any candidates based on age, color, race, disability, or orientation. If you have sales or recruiting experience fill out the form below.

If we have an active need, believe you can be successful, meet and exceed our minimum standards, and thrive in our company, we'd love to talk!

Improve Your Financial Wellbeing

TPRG LLC wants a culture of respect, hard work, dedication, loyalty, and financial wellbeing. The more results you produce for TPRG, the more you will make. We will never cap your income potential or restrict your financial freedom.

We want people who want a great culture and want to make a ton of money. We need people who are service driven and want to provide a premium experience to TPRG's client partners.

You have the potential to make almost as much as owning your own agency without the stress of the day to day, legal, and behind the scenes headaches.


If you are a 1 or 2 person company, you would probably benefit by coming to TPRG. If you are a recruiting agency that is struggling to get by, let's talk.


If you are a salesperson who has never worked for a recruiter before, you need to learn more. If you are a recruiter who isnt being treated right, or is underpaid, or BOTH you need to join TPRG! 

TPRG believes in great people, great compensation and doing great work for our client partners!





It's not too good to be true!

Send your resume to and fill out the application. If we have a need at the time you apply we will reach out. Thank you for your interest in TPRG!

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