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"TPRG cares about you, your business and your people."

David Pellegrini
Founder of TPRG

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A Partnership To Protect You

TPRG & defend-id have partnered together to offer high quality data protection services for you, your family, your employees, and your business!

TPRG cares about you. We are in business to do good by you, your business, and your people. This partnership with defend-id allows us to offer TPRG clients even more value!

Are you a company of 1000 people or less?

TPRG will include 60 days of defend-id's Breach Readiness protection FREE with most services. Want to keep it after the 60 days? You will love the amazing pricing. This plan covers up to 1000 employees and up to 5000 customers included. The plan includes:

Pre-Breach Services & Planning Tools:

A Risk Assessment

Template Breach-Policy & Response Plan

Quarterly Live Training

Cyber Threat Alerts 

Post-Breach Response:

State & Federal Compliance Assessment

Creation of a Response Plan & Timeline

Fully Managed Recovery Services for Included Individuals

Additional Services at Preferred Pricing as Needed

& More!


Larger than 1000 people?

TPRG can offer our clients amazing savings on all of defend-id's products! Whether you want to provide these services free to your employees or through voluntarily election, its peace of mind to the people important to your success. 

Please ask for details. Terms & conditions may apply. Client is responsible for payment day 61 and after when included with a service. Client may decline service before start date. Cancel at any time. All offerings are provided by defend-id. All information provided was provided by defend-id. Any questions, issues or otherwise, related to products, product descriptions, etc, should be referred to defend-id.

TPRG & defend-id

For Business

Be ready for the unthinkable... defend-id offers:


Breach Readiness & Response Planning


Dark Web Monitoring

Business Fraud Remediation

Employee & Customer Identity Fraud Protection & Fully Managed Recovery

Regulatory Response & Client Notification

Personal & Family Identity Theft Protection

You are minutes away from peace of mind. Have a place to turn in the horrible event your identity is breached or stolen.

defend-id will:

Detect & Alert You

Help Recover

Provides Insurance That Covers Expenses That You May Incur

Platinum & Gold Plans Available

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Group Plans Available

Are you an employer who wants to offer great, affordable coverage to your valued employees? 


A Fully Digital Enrollment


Top Tier Cost-Conscious Products


Visit Our Website by Clicking the Button Below to Learn More and See Pricing 

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