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Partner with TPRG or Become an Affiliate Today

TPRG Partner & Affiliate Program

Strategic Partnerships

A partnership with TPRG gives you the ability to offer your clients or network, cost effective talent acquisition, sales, marketing, & HR services. Our mission is to save your clients money while providing them with better results & a better experience. Only TPRG's model can offer this.

Strategic partnerships are generally with consulting firms, consultants, or any business that has clients that may need hiring help. 

TPRG is always looking at strategic improvements of all shapes and sizes. We are always open to listen if you have any ideas.

Generate revenue, improve your client experience, improve your value proposition & grow with TPRG!

Contact us to learn more.

Affiliate Program

If you like TPRG and you want to spread the word, contact us today to learn more. It's a great program. Get paid for spreading the word about TPRG! Monetize your network and help TPRG do good for comapanies of all sizes!

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