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A Better Hire | A Better Value | A Leading Guarantee | TPRG

  • TPRG offers a 365 Day Replacement Guarantee on most placements. Six times the average guarantee in the US! Ask for details


  • We combine the latest technology with innovative & proven strategies! This allows TPRG to source & place high-quality talent with great efficiency.

  • We have a growing team! We have people in most industries


  • TPRG finds you candidates fast! On average we provide multiple, qualified candidates to you within 5 business days or less. We then recalibrate based on your feedback and refine our search as needed.


  • We screen, interview, & prepare our candidates. We only submit the best matches. We submit candidates based on the information provided & our expertise


  • After an offer is made, we walk the candidate through your offer, help them give their notice, prepare them to start, and help onboard your new employee! We are by their side & yours, the entire process!

  • We select less than 3% of recruiter applicants. We only hire the best, to find the best!


Some terms, conditions, & restrictions may apply. Ask for details. Time frames, speed, & overall results may vary depending on various factors.

A Better Hire

At TPRG, we specialize in finding the perfect candidates for your needs. Our team of experienced Talent Managers, Directors, & Executives will help source and place the right fit for your organization. We evaluate each candidates' qualifications, personality, goals, and potential. We only submit candidates we believe will be a great, lasting match based on all available information. With our team, process, & efficiency, you can save time & resources; while ensuring you find the best talent for your organization.

We screen, interview, & prepare our candidates before they ever meet you. TPRG's team will process all feedback and walk your perfect prospects through the entire process.

Once you decide to make an offer, TPRG's team will walk your placement through your offer. We help them give their notice, prepare them to begin their new career, and help with their onboarding as needed. Our goal is to deliver a seamless integration!

A Better Value


At TPRG you get more. We offer a leading guarantee, a better process, an amazing team with great experience, and typically provide initial candidates within 1 week.

We charge great rates and have a model for every need

Talk to a TPRG Talent Executive today! Visit our contact page here

A Leading Guarantee

TPRG offers you up to a 365 Day Guarantee on qualifying placements! Thats industry leading peace of mind!

Non-qualifying positions receive up to a 90 day guarantee. ​

Some terms, conditions & limitations apply. All guarantees, results, and speed may vary based on various factors. Please request information & ask for details.

TPRG in Numbers


TPRG offers up to a 365 Day Replacement Guarantee on our placements. 

Ask for Details


The average worker in the US stays with an employer just over 4 years. TPRG's goal is to find long lasting placements to save you more!


TPRG can save you up to 60% vs other companies. Try us out and see the difference!


TPRG is in all 50 states and we are in most industries. Contact us to learn more

Meet the Team

TPRG has an ever-growing team of Talent Experts, HR consultants, Sales & Marketing professionals, and more!

The two people below joined TPRG at its earliest point. Along with Mario Chavez, they understood the TPRG advantage and really believe in what we offer. We are thankful for their great service & dedication to TPRG

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